18 7 / 2013

Now, understand that Nessie is a big guy. Very broad, very tall. Even if he wasn’t, he’s a guy. He needs bigger panties on principal. So I went on a google search, and what do I find? Websites full of panties labeled “Plus Size” being modeled on women my size. I am a large in Victoria’s Secret. I wear a size 13 pant. I am by no means plus sized. I am the very definition of the average sized woman. In fact, I saw a pair of “plus size” panties being modeled on a size 8 model. These sites sell panties size 10-28. TEN. Not only this, but at least half of the panties were these white-and-beige, overly-bland panties. 8 entries on one page of one size, all the same pair of beige panties. And control-top panties out the ass. Not only that, but control-top panties being modeled on Victoria’s Secret sized models who CLEARLY do not need them. The point of the models is so women know what they’ll look like without buying them. How are they gonna do that without seeing them on a woman their size? It’s unfair and fucked up. The few plus-size models I did see, however, were sexy, and the small amount of sexy lingerie I saw was delectable. So, awesome plus-sized panty models, and awesome companies that make sexy panties for you lovely humans? Keep it up. I’m so sorry, ladies, that the fashion industry treats you like such shit.